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The growth in demand for fume extraction looks set to continue the world over, giving manufacturers that have sufficient vision the confidence to invest in resources to develop new products and features to challenge convention and raise the bar in the fume extraction world.

Smart Filter

Smart filter technology

BOFA’s smart filter technology works with the iQ to give assured filter performance.

Incorporating proven RFID technology, each smart filter has a uniquely coded non-removable label allowing the iQ Operating System to establish authenticity and suitability of the filter being used. Smart filter technology provides the end user with the added safety assurance that they are using a proprietary filter of the right type for their application and chosen extraction unit.

SMART filter technology
DeepPleat DUO with integrated spark arrestor

DeepPleat DUO with integrated Spark Arrestor

This new DeepPleat DUO pre-filter has an integrated spark arrestor box built into the base, acting as a safe-guard precaution by protecting the filter media from sparks which may have been generated during the layering process. This filter is W3 compliant, meeting German industry standard and can apply to other standards.

DeepPleat TRIO airflow diagram

DeepPleat TRIO pre-filter

Contaminated air enters the constricted inlet before passing up through the filter media. The retained high velocity carries the heavier particles through centripetal force, to move towards the outside of the curved path where they contact the steel scroll and are retained.

A series of slots/openings in the scroll plate assist in causing the particulate to separate the air-stream and settle in the drop-out chamber within the base.

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