Aerosol extraction: How to effectively reduce the risk of pathogen transmission

We have teamed up with our colleagues at DD to deliver a free online webinar exploring how extra-oral aerosol extraction can contribute to reducing the risk of airborne pathogen spread within the dental environment.

BOFA International are world leaders in portable aerosol extraction technology. Using nearly 35 years of experience and expertise in the market, they have recently launched the DentalPRO Aerosol extraction system. With three-stage filtration that removes 99.997% of particles @0.3 microns, this fully portable and versatile unit is suitable for any dental environment, delivering maximum performance with minimal interference.

The webinar will focus on:

  • Reviewing different aerosol management techniques, looking at effectiveness and limitations of each.
  • The fundamentals of how to capture and filter aerosols that could contain virus particles.
  • How to effectively apply the Dental PRO Aerosol to reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens in a dental surgery environment.

Session will include a live Q+A hosted by DD


Register now to join the webinar on Tuesday 28th July at 7PM BST (London).