Donaldson BOFA FAQ – Maintaining filter performance

What’s the best housekeeping routine for filtration systems?

To maintain your filtration system in tip-top condition, think about the rule of 4.

Rule 1: Daily inspection – Make sure extraction devices/nozzles/enclosures/hoses are in place and correctly positioned. Examine the extractor to ensure it is running.

Rule 2: Weekly Inspection – Supervisors should look at the physical condition of extraction devices/nozzles/enclosures/hoses and check the system for damage, changes (parts added or removed) and correct operation.

Rule 3: Monthly Inspection – Disconnect hoses to check for blockages, and signs of dust or vapor/gas/odor carryover. Check the smooth operation of the fan. Appropriate PPE should be worn.

Rule 4: Yearly Inspection – An annual service is recommended to include these regular checks plus inspection of filter condition, extractor motor and electrics. The cooling inlets and outlets should be cleaned to prevent build-up of dust and possible overheating of the unit. Replace any filters not exchanged during the preceding 12 months (part numbers for replacement filters can be found on the filters fitted in your system).

Can I carry out my own maintenance and testing?

Don’t be tempted by a DIY approach – only trained maintenance technicians are authorized to carry out component testing and replacement. Unauthorized work or the use of unauthorized replacement filters may result in damage to the extractor unit and will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Is there a formal inspection and compliance requirement for my extraction system?

Different regions may have different requirements when it comes to period-based LEV system testing so it’s best to check your local regulations. For example, in the UK, this needs to be completed by an approved competent engineer (like Donaldson BOFA’s), who will check the effectiveness of LEV systems and assess airflow, pressure and control.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about optimizing filter life by contacting Donaldson BOFA’s technical team via or via our LiveChat service.