The hugely successful introduction of iQ based extraction units established a step change in fume extraction technology.

BOFA’s second generation Intelligent Operating System combines field proven iQ reliability with a range of new and highly advanced feature enhancements, adding significantly to the list of seller and user benefits.

iQ2 will be available in three distinct versions, each providing an increased level of control and scalable options for accessing information:

Standard model

USB interface

Improved operating system to include large colour touch screen display, providing detailed information and USB downloadable high resolution event log for filter efficiency, system analysis and fault correction.

Extraction systems will be configurable to customer requirements using the USB upload function.

Advanced model

Fieldbus connectivity

Provides connectivity to a factory fieldbus/ PLC network, allowing constant monitoring and control of the extraction system. Complete data sets can be streamed over the PLC system for detailed performance analysis within the factory.

Advanced model

Cloud based connectivity

Worldwide remote monitoring of multiple locations/ units directly from the Cloud service App or web portal. Extraction systems can be monitored and controlled remotely with information instantly accessed to ensure fast response times and reduced downtime.