Helping you get the most from BOFA and your products 

At BOFA, we pride ourselves on the exceptional support and experience we offer. We want to make sure that our customers get the most out of their products, that’s why we launched BOFA Academy. 

BOFA Academy provides you with a chance to learn more about fume extraction in a way convenient to you.  


What modules are available?

We offer a range of foundation and advanced training modules that cover a wide range of topics from commercial understanding through to installation, technical training, and servicing. If you aren’t yet a BOFA customer, you can still participate in many of our modules and experience the excellence of being with BOFA. 

Foundation modules

Foundation modules cover essential information to help you get to know BOFA. Whether you are already a customer or are thinking of joining us, they are available to everyone as videos so you can watch them at a time to suit you. Find these modules further down this page.

Advanced Modules

Our advanced modules cover specific topics, delivered by our experienced team. At the end of each module you’ll have chance to have your questions answered by a BOFA expert. First you must register to access our portal area. In there you will find a schedule of advanced training modules and details of how to sign up.

Who is the training for?

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone who comes into contact with fume extraction or is responsible for health and safety in the workplace – whether it’s researching and determining the requirements in your workplace; designing new products that need appropriate extraction or selling products into the market:

  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Product management
  • Service/ installation
  • Marketing

Register today for access to our free training modules

BOFA Academy modules will be delivered by our team of fume extraction and product experts, all of whom have a wealth of experience working in the industry and specifically with BOFA products. Led by Josh Evans (MEng (Hons) IChemE), Application Engineer and Head of Learning at BOFA, all content has been designed specifically to ensure you have everything covered – from commercial understanding through to installation, technical training and servicing.

Find out more about the team here.

There is no additional charge to attend any of the BOFA Academy training modules. It’s all part of the excellent service we aim to deliver to our customers.

If you aren’t yet a BOFA customer, you can still participate in many of our modules and experience the excellence you can be part of by being with BOFA. Refer to our modules to see what’s available to you here or sign into the portal for specific dates and further information.

Another great reason to be with BOFA.

Our training modules have been carefully devised so that they can be delivered online, or in the classroom. So you can sign up to our scheduled modules or, if there are several of you in your company that need specific training, we can arrange face-to-face. This service is only available to BOFA customers.

As well as hearing the most up to date information about your chosen topic, once you have completed each advanced training module, you will receive a certificate to confirm your participation. For selected modules there will also be additional information supplied to you that you can keep for future reference.