BOFA Americas legal entity process change 2023

We are pleased to confirm that BOFA Americas, Inc. has now merged with Donaldson Company, Inc. We retain our identity as ‘BOFA’ but legally we are a product division of Donaldson Company, Inc.

Please share the following important information with all relevant contacts within your organization.

If you have not done so already, please update your vendor records immediately to transition BOFA Americas, Inc. to Donaldson Company, Inc. as the ongoing supplier entity.

As a reminder, the following now applies –

  • Email address: emails from BOFA colleagues come from a address.
  • Orders: please ensure all orders are sent to
  • Documentation: items relating to our orders carry the Donaldson Company, Inc. name and logo.
  • Part numbers: all BOFA part numbers are pre-fixed with ‘1U’ in. For example:
    • A1050014 becomes 1UA1050014
  • 30761008-1238 becomes 1U30761008-1238
  • You will receive an updated pricelist that includes both the new 1U identified part numbers as well as any part numbers you have been utilizing up to this point.
  • All invoice payments are payable to Donaldson Company, Inc., including any outstanding invoices that are paid on or after June 1st 2023, regardless of which entity received or acknowledged the initial order.
  • Remit to address:

Donaldson Company, Inc.

PO Box 207356

Dallas, TX 75320-7356

  • ACH/WIRE Information

ACH/WIRE Routing: 121000248

Account number: 4113003867


Remittance email:

  • Donaldson Company, Inc. will honor all existing BOFA Americas, Inc. warranties per the original terms.
  • Our postal address remains unchanged.

By now you should have submitted your tax exempt certificate and credit application (if applicable). If you haven’t, please email or call 618.205.5007.

If you have any questions on this transition process, please feel free to reach out to your BOFA contact at 618.205.5007 or

Thank you for your support during this process.