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Welcome to Filtration Matters, the regular podcast from BOFA International, a world leader in portable fume and dust extraction. In this series, we’ll be exploring how innovations in filtration and extraction system design are helping improve productivity across multiple industry sectors, including in laser, 3D printing and electronics.

BOFA experts will discuss how advances in extraction technology are helping optimise manufacturing processes and product quality, while at the same time helping employers maintain a clean, healthy working environment.



PodCast - Josh Evans

Josh Evans MEng (Hons) IChemE
Applications Engineer and Head of Learning

Josh joined BOFA in 2017, with a solid foundation in fluid dynamics, particle mechanics and adsorption chemistry – the key components in any extraction system.

One of Josh’s key responsibilities is providing pre-sales technical advice to sales engineers and customers to determine which BOFA system is best for their specific application. As Head of Learning for the BOFA Academy, Josh develops and delivers training programmes both internally to BOFA employees, so they have a deeper understanding of the extractors we make, and externally to customers so that end users are provided with the best system for their application.

Fitlration Matters podcast - Dawn Hartung

Dawn Hartung
Strategic Account Manager

Dawn joined BOFA in 2021 with a background of strategic planning, key account management, channel partner strategy and product management.

Dawn has wealth of knowledge in additive manufacturing technology with experience in a variety of industries such as medical technology, food and beverage, automotive, and industrial automation.

Her responsibilities include supporting our global key accounts and providing guidance on BOFA fume extractors.


Geoff Sagar B Eng (Hons)
Product Manager

Geoff joined BOFA in 2019 with over 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, generally specialising in advanced engineering and manufacturing businesses.

Geoff started at BOFA as a Business Development Manager, providing support for our existing OEM and distribution channels, and helping to find the most appropriate product for the application to deliver the full solution. He now works as a Product Manager as part of a growing team to find and develop new opportunities, identify and implement new product features, and develop BOFA’s high-performance fume extraction technology.

Shravya Nahar - Podcast

Shravya Nahar B Eng
Product Manager

Shravya joined BOFA in 2022 as a Product Manager with a background in the medical device industry and a BSC in bioengineering.

With a specialist knowledge of additive manufacturing and extraction technology, one of her responsibilities is to roadmap BOFA's 3D / AM product range. Taking on board customer feedback and market research, she helps to define the vision of our product lines.

Podcast Rich

Richard Heard
Technical Sales Manager

Richard has worked at BOFA for 15 years with roles in manufacturing, R&D, technical services, and sales. He has hands-on experience in despatch, new product development, manufacturing, and customer support.

Richard has a wealth of application and industry knowledge that he applies when assessing fume extraction requirements. He enjoys working closely with customers to identify possible solutions for their specific requirements.

Luke Ziolkowski

Luke Ziolkowski
Global Business Development Manager

Luke joined BOFA in 2017 with extensive experience in global business
development. His area of expertise is additive manufacturing, therefore he works with industry leaders, OEMs, distributors and end-users to develop and integrate extraction solutions fit for the rapidly expanding industry.


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