The toxic fumes and particulates generated by CAD/CAM manufacturing, monomer mixing and hand finishing, present dental technicians with risk of eye, skin and mucous membranes irritation, along with occupational asthma, liver toxicity and fertility issues.

BOFA’s DentalPRO under bench and bench top systems remove harmful dust and particulate through features such as multi-stage filtration, digital speed control and volatile organic compound (VOC) sensors.

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Typical applications

CAD/CAM manufacture

Crown and bridge frameworks

Dental milling

Dust extraction

Hand working processes

Monomer processes



We're proud to be market leaders in the fume and dust extraction industry and here are a few reasons why.

Ergonomic design


Developed with dental laboratory technicians.

Sleek design

Smart, clean design to complement modern dental laboratories.

LED light arms

LED light arms for accurate, close up work.


Under bench and bench top systems.


Enhanced design to ensure protection of expensive materials.

Inbuilt storage

Compact flagship Xtract 300 has inbuilt storage, numerous multi-function accessories and replaceable screen.

Brushless motors

Long life and high performance.


Long running time and low maintenance.

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