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Fume Extraction in Tertiary Education

At BOFA, we want everyone to go home healthy, and with the increasing role of technology in education, this means doing what we can to raise awareness in schools, colleges and universities of the dangers presented by airborne contaminants.

Expert Insight: Keeping pace with accelerating laser productivity

Laser coding and marking systems are getting faster, as operators seek competitive advantage through greater productivity. In this 24/7 environment, fume and dust extraction technology is playing a vital role in keeping production lines moving, mitigating risk, and delivering both health protection and process improvement.

Delivering Solvent Solutions for the Printing Industry

People working in printing often refer to the fumes they are exposed to as ‘the smell’.

Of course, what we know is that the health consequences of inhaling airborne emissions given off by chemicals used in printing processes go way beyond simple discomfort caused by an unpleasant odour.