The high temperatures generated in some 3D printing processes can rapidly project gases and particles into a technician’s breathing zone.

BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO models provide effective fume extraction and filtration rates in compact units, with optional speed control, to maintain cleaner print area and returns ultra clean, filtered air to operator breathing zones.

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Typical applications

VAT polymerization (SLA, DLP)

Laser powder bed fusion (PBF)

Binder jetting (BJ)

Sheet lamination

Multi jet fusion

Selective laser melting

Selective laser sintering



We're proud to be market leaders in the fume and dust extraction industry and here are a few reasons why.

Scalable units

Controlled airflow

3D printable manifold


Caters for a comprehensive range of 3D processes.

Deposition area

Extract fumes without causing filament deposition area to be cooled.


Low cost units; high efficiency extraction

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