Many years of designing and manufacturing fume extraction and filtration systems for a variety of industries has given BOFA the experience and knowledge to help ensure that our products are the best available on the market.

Our understanding of industrial processes and applications is reflected in the design and manufacturing procedures applied to our range of standard, inline and patented filters.

Our unique filtration systems are designed to meet or exceed airborne emissions standards and optimise productivity while lowering the overall cost of ownership.

Our combination of pre-filtration systems and high-efficiency particle filters enables us to remove 99.995% of particles 0.3 micron in size. This helps to ensure that clean air is maintained in the workplace, while patented innovations such as DeepPleat DUO coupled with reverse flow air technology, help to optimise filter lifetime and lower the overall cost of ownership.


Pre-filter pads

The efficiency of the pre-filter is directly related to the life of the HEPA in that the more particulates captured in it, the less can pass through and prematurely block the HEPA. Most pre-filters have an efficiency grading of F5 - F7. When plastics are being lasered, the particulate size generated is typically 0.2microns. At this level of filtration, the media has an efficiency of 35% in F5 to 65% in F7. When metals are being lasered the particulate size being generated is typically below 1micron. This equates to an efficiency of 65% in F5 to 80% in F7.

The BOFA range of fume purification systems have an F8 grade media which gives an efficiency of 80% at 0.2 microns and 95% at 1micron.

Panel pre filter

Bag filters

Bag filters are occasionally used in laser fume elimination for their volumetric containment properties. These bags have a variety of shapes including multi pocket styles to increase surface area and reduce pressure drops.

DustPRO 500 Pre Filter

DeepPleat DUO pre-filters

Save filter life and money with our unique pre-filter.

Our unique patent-protected DeepPleat DUO concept is designed around reverse flow operation to maximise filter life. As the contaminated air enters the filter chamber the velocity is dramatically reduced, allowing the larger particulates to fall to the bottom and therefore clear of the filter media. The smaller, lighter particulate are then retained within the filter pleats. This allows a greater majority of the larger particulate to fall away from the filter surface and into the drop-out chamber within the filter enclosure giving a far greater efficiency and much longer life for the full filter area.

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DeepPleat Animation

Inline filters

Inline filters are for applications that generate high amounts of dust and particulate.


In-line cyclone for heavy particulate, to help extend your filter life. BOFA International commissioned the University of Southampton in the UK, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques, to develop a cyclone to operate efficiently on a broad spectrum of contained particles sizes specifically produced by laser marking systems.

The BOFA C5 cyclone separator has been designed specifically for use with the AD Oracle (iQ) extraction unit and is installed between the laser extraction point and the extractor. The airflow generated by the extraction unit powers the cyclone.

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Inline filters

Inline filters deliver a long filter life for applications that generate high amounts of dust and particulate. The BOFA range of inline filter boxes has either large pre-filter bags or DeepPleat DUO filters installed, to help capture the majority of dust and particulate in order to protect the extraction system. The inline filter units are positioned between the main BOFA fume filtration system and application, to help increase the overall filter capacity and help extend the life of the main filters within the extraction system.

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Spark arrestor filter

BOFA’s Spark Arrestor unit helps to prevent potentially damaging, burning particulates generated during laser marking processes from entering the fume extraction unit.

Hot burning particulate is transported through the specially designed plates positioned within the airflow, slowing the burning particulate down until it finally drops into the removable drop-out chamber, helping to protect the fume extractor.

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Spark Arrestor 2

Fire extinguishing

In the event that a burning ember is drawn into the fume extraction unit, there is the possibility that hot debris in the filters could ignite. Although any resultant fire would typically be retained within the fume extraction unit, this would cause significant damage and in extreme circumstances, the risk may extend beyond the extraction unit. For processes where such risks have been identified, additional protection in the form of an in line FireBOX is an additional precaution.

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HEPA filters

The mini pleats used in our HEPA filter can be produced with depths of up to 200mm within each pleat, depending on the application.

They are generally manufactured by specialist filter companies to help ensure that the latest manufacturing and test methods are adopted. Each filter incorporates a series of webbing between the pleats. This feature not only guarantees even spacing for full filter coverage between each pleat, but also alleviates the possibility of airflow vibration or collapse

BOFA HEPA filters are tested to filter 99.995% @ 0.3 microns.

Read how a HEPA filter works.

HEPA Filter

Chemical and gas filters

Contaminated air must remain in contact with the carbon bed for a period of time sufficient to ensure that no contaminants or odours are emitted (‘dwell time’). Our product designs consider the balance between air flow rates and the type, depth and surface area of the carbon used to ensure suitability for the contaminants associated with the application and to ensure that appropriate dwell times are achieved.

Our filters have been developed to capture all contaminants and odours, eliminating the risk of bypass and/or tunnelling.

Chemical Gas

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