Printing inks, lacquers, adhesives and cleaning solvents are known to generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds. It’s critical to ensure that vapours and mists are not inhaled and that chemicals do not come into contact with skin.

BOFA’s PrintPRO technology filters MEK, ketones and ozone from printing applications and is purpose-designed for wide format printing, inkjet coding printers (CIJ) (both solvent and UV), dye sublimation and mailroom applications such as UV coating, hot melt glue binding and polywrapping – known to generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

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Typical applications

Dye sublimation

Continuous inkjet (CIJ)

Flexographic printing

UV coating

UV printing

Wide format printing



We're proud to be a market leader in fume and dust extraction and here are a few reasons why.


Specific carbon tailored to deal with MEK fume without self igniting.

Dye sublimation solutions

Contain dense foam coalesing filters to deal effectively with heat, humidity, and glycol.


Construction of carbon filter helps to adsorb odours.


Expert training designed for you

Through the BOFA Academy you can participate in a series of free online training delivered by our experts. We have a range of modules available, including modules to help you understand more about BOFA products and the importance of having the right fume extraction.

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