Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, meaning we develop technically advanced products on the market.

We invest heavily in R&D to help ensure we are ahead of the game, providing global solutions to global customers. Our extensive portfolio of products covers a vast range of industry applications. But we also have the flexibility to develop bespoke solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.


Research and Development team

With over 200 years’ collective experience and expertise, our dedicated and highly qualified technical team of designers and engineers has a wealth of knowledge within our field. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and our programme of ongoing investment in R&D allows us to continually improve products and pioneer new technologies, helping to create the best and latest developments for our customers.

The success of the rich diversity in our team is demonstrated through our patented technologies which have transformed fume and dust extraction system effectiveness while lowering the overall cost of ownership.


Expert collaboration

From initial ideas through to concept development and pre-launch testing, our engineers are dedicated to designing brand new units, developments of existing units or developments for the customer.

At any given time, our R&D team will be working on a diverse range of products, utilising in-house skills but also collaborating with health institutes and specialist university departments to apply the latest academic research. Through this multi-faceted approach, new technology concepts emerge, unique or novel extraction solutions are developed to meet specific customers’ needs, and existing system architectures are pushed into new applications.


The future

We have a complete commitment to customer satisfaction by solving the challenges of today and innovating solutions for tomorrow.

We research new materials and processes, helping us to provide our customers with detailed analysis of airborne contaminant size and make-up for any given operation, and to inform the development of the systems of the future, with an increasing focus on nanoparticles.

The growth in demand for fume extraction looks set to continue the world over, giving manufacturers that have sufficient vision the confidence to invest in resources to develop new products and features to challenge convention and raise the bar in the fume extraction world.

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