Our solder fume extraction systems are designed for single or multiple-operator stations that generate fume comprising resin particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

Exposure to rosin-based solder flux fume (colophony) is one of the most significant causes of occupational asthma, creating the potential for permanent and irreversible impact on health.

Our range comprises two types of systems: tip (‘T’) extraction, for high pressure/ low airflow soldering processes; and volume (‘V’) for low pressure/ high airflow electronics processes, with features including three-stage filtration, advanced air flow design and filter condition display keeping air clean and productivity high.

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Typical applications

Hand soldering

Automated soldering


Conformal coating



We're proud to be market leaders in the fume and dust extraction industry and here are a few reasons why.

Extensive product range

Clean filter change

Large carbon absorption

Portable, flexible, mobile

Ideal for changing factory demands.

Specially designed

Filters designed specifically for solder fumes.


Tailored systems and installations.

Maximum efficiency

Flow control ensures units operate at maximum efficiency.

Carbon filter

Carbon filter for more effective absorbtion.


Fume cabinets with different finishes for conformal coating and ESD.


Expert training designed for you

Through the BOFA Academy you can participate in a series of free online training delivered by our experts. We have a range of modules available, including modules to help you understand more about BOFA products and the importance of having the right fume extraction.

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