Biotrack are specialists in animal monitoring equipment.

Based in Dorset, they support wildlife researchers across the globe with their radio tracking and radio tag products. As dedicated biologists, they manufacture electronic tracking devices for all types of species, including birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

The challenge

The Challenge

Biotrack undertake extensive soldering and chemical processes in the production of their radio, acoustic, satellite and GPS products. After moving to a new factory in Wareham, Biotrack contacted BOFA regarding new systems to remove the high level of airborne contaminants generated in their environment.

V250 has a low noise level and fully comprehensive three-stage filtration which is ideal for for factories with changing production demands. The DustPRO400 has the most powerful high vacuum blower amongst the smaller units in the range.

The Solution

We took time with Biotrack to discuss their dust and fume extraction requirements as a company, as well as individual operator needs, to determine the right system and products for them.

- After a full demonstration and trial, we supplied several V250 solder fume extraction systems, designed primarily to extract fumes generated during hand soldering.
- We also supplied the DustPRO 400 dust extraction unit to remove fine particulates from their general workshop environment, along with the FumeCAB 250 and FumeCAB 1000 iQ for use when working with solvents and chemicals.


The Result

With the systems installed and working effectively, Biotrack personnel can now work in a safe and clean environment, while the company meets all its HSE requirements.

From the initial site visit to the delivery of our shiny new extractors, BOFA’s service was efficient and professional. The sales people had an in depth knowledge and experience of the field, they identified the best equipment for our needs and had the resources to answer any questions that came up. They made sure we had the right equipment at the right time, and enabled us to improve current practices and bring in new products and processes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BOFA to any electronics company.

Andrew Roy, Production Manager, Biotrack

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