BOFA’s ADVANTAGE range helps workplace environments by filtering particulate and fume generated during laser processes.

Our advanced extraction systems filter contaminants invisible to the human eye, whether generated by CO2 laser systems, found in high-speed packaging lines, solid-state YAG lasers or new generation optical fibre technologies.

Features such as advanced filtration, flow rate control and our revolutionary Intelligent Operating System (iQ), mean our units help manufacturers protect valuable equipment, maintain a high-quality mark and reduce downtime.

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Typical applications

Laser coding and marking

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser welding


Precious metals

Ride on extractors

Cooling units



We're proud to be a market leader in fume and dust extraction and here are a few reasons why.

Est 2003

Bigger and better range developed since 2003.

Extended life

DeepPleat DUO pre-filter extends filter life.

Advanced filtering

Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) is designed to help extend filter life


Construction of carbon filter helps to adsorb odors.

Fire retardant filter

Majority of filters are produced using fire resistant materials.

Independent filter monitoring

Know exactly what filter you need to change and when.

Range of base units

Double up as worktop, reducing the machinery footprint.

Large filters

Large surface area of filters mean cheaper overall cost of ownership.

Universal voltage

Able to interface with customers' systems.

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Through the BOFA Academy you can participate in a series of free online training delivered by our experts. We have a range of modules available, including modules to help you understand more about BOFA products and the importance of having the right fume extraction.

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