We take a progressive approach to quality, health and safety, and environmental management.

Our commitment in each of these areas is embedded through our own SureCHECK quality standard, setting the guiding principles for the way we operate.


What is SureCHECK?

Our SureCHECK quality standard is applied to every product we make.

• We comply with all applicable laws and regulations
• We pursue a pathway of continuous improvement
• We make best use of management resources in all quality matters
• We communicate our quality objectives and our performance throughout the organization and to interested parties
• We ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates and subcontractors and others who come into contact with our work
• We work closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards
• We adopt a forward-looking view on business decisions with quality implications
• We train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of quality management

Our quality process

At BOFA, quality performance is measured through the eyes of customers. This goes way beyond legal compliance and the attainment of standards such as ISO90001, important though these are, by measuring the customer experience. This analysis tracks hard data from across the business along with customer feedback to measure overall performance.

Such a multi-dimensional approach requires everyone working at BOFA to take responsibility for their area of activity, thereby creating an ‘internal customer’ mind-set that encourages collaborative working.

If you require documentation to verify your compliance with a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001, you can download our BSI certificate here.

Example of how BOFA applies SureCHECK to product testing process:

Stage 1

1a: Our factory operatives check over your unit before it goes to the Test Bay.

1b: The filters and stickers are carefully placed in the designated spaces.

Stage 2

2a: Our qualified Test Bay staff carry out an earth continuity test on all metal parts to begin the Portable Appliance Test (PAT).

2b: Next, the insulation resistance, polarity and earth leakage are all tested using sophisticated test equipment.

2c: A high voltage flash test is then carried out to further ensure the unit is fit for purpose.

Stage 3

3a: Next we carry out a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) chemical test.

3b: The Test Bay operative then resets the unit's PCBs and carries out a full operation of all the unit's functions.

Stage 4

4a: Fail notifications are tested next, for examplesystem failure / blocked filter stop-start / cut offs and alarms.

4b: A physical build check is the next stage. This will include checking the build parts i.e. security of pump.

4c: The filters are examined for quality and all gasket seals carefully inspected.

Stage 5

5a: The fuse rating and labels are then checked.

5b: The unit dimensions are cross checked against the specification data.

Stage 6

6a: The full load current (A), maximum pressure at full speed (mBar), and the air flow at full speed (m³/hr) are all recorded.

6b: The unit door operation and hinges are all checked for strength.

Stage 7

7: All is recorded and signed on the Test bay SureCHECK check list.

Stage 8

8: The Test Bay operative signs your unit's SureCHECK label – real people helping to ensure real SureCHECK quality.


“Quality is a culture, and it starts at the top of any organisation – at BOFA we are fully committed to the quality approach and this is cascaded throughout the entire business, with everyone being responsible for their contribution to culture”

BOFA Quality and Systems Manager

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