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AD Access - Front

AD Access

  • Laser

A compact system for light-duty laser marking, coding and engraving applications.

AD 350

  • Laser

Fume extraction system for light duty laser marking, coding and engraving applications.

AD Nano - Front

AD Nano

  • Laser

The AD Nano is ideal for small scale industrial environments and light to medium laser coding applications

AD 1000 iQ - Front

AD 1000 iQ

  • Laser

High performance laser fume extraction system for applications in laser marking, coding and engraving.

AD 2000 iQ

  • Laser

The AD 2000 iQ’s technology delivers superior and measurable performance, ensuring airflow and filtration is maintained even when particulates start to build up.

AD 4000

  • Laser

BOFA’s AD 4000 laser fume extraction unit combines large filter capacity with high airflows.

AD Base 1 Oracle - Front

AD Base 1 Oracle

  • Laser

A ‘two in one’ solution that runs on any voltage worldwide and doubles up as a work station by placing a laser engraver on top.

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