Do you know what dangers uncontained fume and particulate present to your customers’ entire business?

Here are the top 5 risks of not having fume extraction:

Damage to equipment – particles and droplets can enter equipment through process or during mechanical intervention. The optical system of the laser is susceptible to damage from particulate getting burnt on or building up on the lens, compromising the efficiency of the laser and the quality of the output.

Downtime caused by unplanned maintenance – unscheduled downtime is the enemy of anyone working with lasers to get the job done. Not only will your customers’ machines be out of action, but the ongoing impact can be very damaging. With their product not going out to door, time and resource is being unnecessarily wasted.

Unnecessary expense – they will have the cost of paying someone to fault find and replace expensive parts that could so easily be protected from dust and fume, as well as potentially having to pay compensation for missed orders or to catch up on lost productivity.

Increased absenteeism of workers due to ill health caused by particulate inhalation. Throughout the world there are different health and safety regulations in place. Failure to comply or act with due care and diligence can be very costly – both financially and reputationally.

Risk of fire or explosion – new processes or materials may present a real safety risk. You must ensure you have the necessary fire containment and suppression from your extraction system. Our filters are built in metal frames. Our Spark Arrestor prevents burning particulate from entering the fume extraction system, while our new FireBOX inline prefilter is self-extinguishing for added protection and safety from fire.

Help your customers protect their process, their equipment and their workers and increase productivity with world leading fume extraction.

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This is generic and covers numbers of codes per minute; laser bed size; and laser bed size and % of bed covered by material. We can work with you to create one specifically pairing your lasers with our fume extraction.


A quick guide to the benefits of having fume extraction

Looking at the impact on equipment, workers and the environment.