Distributor virtual conference 2021: How can we help you sell more?

We aim to inspire you with new information, ideas and professional advice to help you energise your campaigns and sell more BOFA products.


Why do your customers need fume extraction?  Understand common industry processes and what hazards they emit
Think extraction; think BOFA  Guidance to ensure you sell the right systems for the right process
Improve your customer experience Understand how to explain BOFA solutions to your customers
What would you do with an extra €150,000 a year?! Discover opportunities to earn more money
Shipping and logistics Learn how to be efficient in your ordering
How can we help you? Explore the support available from BOFA to help you support your customers
See where we make your products  Take a closer look of BOFA’s facilities on our virtual tour

We’ll also have interactive sessions to gauge your feedback and hear your questions!

The event will be hosted by BOFA’s industry experts with a keynote session from R&D, Product Management and Technical Support.

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