Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Safety: What you need to know now

We aim to inspire you with new information, ideas and professional advice to help you understand the need for fume extraction in additive manufacturing and 3D printing processes.


Who is BOFA? Find out what makes us a world leader in portable fume extraction
Why do you need extraction? Understand common industry processes and hazards they emit.
What’s available for the additive manufacturing and 3D printing markets? Explore BOFA’s range of extraction solutions and how they enhance processes
Think extraction; think BOFA Guidance to ensure you sell the right systems for the right process
Deliver a good experience Understand BOFA’s solutions and their benefits
What does the future hold? Discover where additive manufacturing is heading and how BOFA is part of the destination
How can we work with you? Learn what support and expertise is available to you from BOFA

We’ll also have interactive sessions to gauge your feedback and hear your questions!

The event will be hosted by BOFA’s industry experts with a keynote session from R&D, Product Management and Applications Engineering.

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