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Our additive manufacturing and 3D printing filtration and atmosphere management systems are designed to meet the needs of many different processes.Formnext products 2022

3D/AM brochure

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3D printing emissions: The basics

The potential impact and control of 3D printing emissions.

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Filtration Matters podcast

Listen now to BOFA's regular free podcast - 'Filtration Matters'. In this series, BOFA experts will discuss advances in extraction technology and the benefits they deliver.

Episode 3, ‘How filtration technology is enabling the application of new functional materials in 3D printing’, (11 min 33 sec) is available now. In this episode, Dawn Hartung, Strategic Account Manager, discusses how continued growth in 3D print markets is driving the development of new functional materials designed for specific applications and products.

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BOFA Academy - training

BOFA Academy - free online training

BOFA Academy provides you with a chance to learn more about fume extraction and get the most out of your products. We have a schedule of modules running throughout the year, all delivered by an experienced member of the BOFA team.

These modules are for anyone who comes into contact with fume extraction or is responsible for health and safety in the workplace – whether it’s researching and determining the requirements, designing new products that need appropriate extraction, or selling products into the market.

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Check out our latest BOFA Academy training modules

The BOFA 3D Printing Range
This advanced module will help to give you a better understanding of our 3D printing range.
Date: Mon 21.11.22 – 15:00 (UK time) | Fri 16.12.22 – 09.00 (UK time)
Duration: 30 mins including Q&A

3D Fume: Health, Safety & Compliance
Find out what fume consists of and how to comply with legal
Date: Fri 25.11.22 – 09:00 (UK time) | Mon 12.12.22 – 09.00 (UK time)
Duration: 30 mins including Q&A

Laser Cutting & Engraving: How to Effectively Filter Fume
This module will look at the importance of fume collection and what to consider when choosing your system.
Date: Mon 05.12.22 – 09.00 (UK time)
Duration: 30 mins including Q&A

Capturing Fume & Calculating Air Flow
This module explores how to get the best from your fume extractor.
Date: Fri 09.12.22 – 15.00 (UK time)
Duration: 30 mins including Q&A

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'Print your own' connectors

Don’t have a way to connect your 3D printer to our extractors? Connectors for your 3D printer can be printed free of charge here.

These connectors are designed to attach your 3D printer to your 3D PrintPRO 3, or 3D PrintPRO 4 system.

As 3D printers come in various shapes and sizes, we have 5 different sizes available with choice of adhesive or bolted options. This allows you to either stick it onto the side of your enclosure or screw it onto the fan ports.

Print your own connectors

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