BOFA introduces most powerful extraction system to date

Industrial laser operators can now benefit from the most powerful fume extraction system ever manufactured by BOFA International.

The company is introducing the AD 4000 iQ unit to meet the evolving extraction needs of the laser sector, which is developing ever-larger systems, including fibre-laser technology for more demanding applications. The new AD 4000 iQ will help operators meet these changing needs by offering larger airflow and higher vacuum fume extraction performance that will enhance productivity while simultaneously ensuring that working environments remain healthy for their people.

The new unit represents an important progression of current AD 4000 technology by introducing BOFA’s patented Intelligent (iQ) Operating System technology, which provides greater system control and access to independent filter condition monitoring to avoid downtime through unscheduled filter replacement. It also allows the operator to set the recommended flow per the laser requirement and the display provides a real-time visual feedback that the air flow is correct.

In addition, the motors on the new model deliver higher vacuum performance – ideal for longer pipe runs and pressure drops – while the three DeepPleat DUO pre filters provide nearly three times the surface area of the previous AD 4000 model, thereby significantly extending filter life. The higher air flow capability means that fumes can be removed from a larger working area.

Product Manager at BOFA, Richard Heard, commented:

"The new AD 4000 iQ is ideally suited to large bed laser cutting and engraving systems, offering optimised extraction performance along with enhanced monitoring and analytical tools, that all our systems featuring iQ benefit from."

BOFA was recently awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation for their iQ system and is a world leader in fume extraction system design and manufacture, pushing the boundaries of technology to help customers enhance productivity while maintaining healthy workplace environments.

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