BOFA launches new PurePOD for Chiropodists

A new dust extraction system has been developed by BOFA International to protect chiropodists from potentially harmful emissions that can cause long-term health problems.

The PurePOD is designed to remove harmful airborne dust generated in clinical working environments, notably during procedures such as reducing calluses, corns and filing and drilling nails. Research has shown that without local exhaust ventilation, dust can remain present in the air for up to 10 hours.

John Horsey, Technical Manager at BOFA said:

The dust particles associated with these procedures are generally less than 5 microns in size, with around 70% of these smaller than 0.8 microns. At these sizes, the dust is not visible to the human eye and the use of a face mask will not afford the desired protection, placing chiropodists and technicians at risk of inhaling the dust. Once these particles enter the nasal cavity, they can trigger conditions such as rhinitis, and if eyes are not protected, can cause conjunctivitis. Should they pass into the alveoli of the lungs, they can lead to long-term respiratory problems, particularly occupational asthma.

BOFA’s compact PurePOD extraction unit uses a multi-layered two-stage filtration system comprising pre and high efficiency particle filters to capture airborne contaminants and return clean air back into the environment. It has foot pedal operation, low noise level and a mobile extraction arm that can be maneuvered into any position for maximum performance with minimal procedural obstruction.

BOFA is a world leader in fume and dust extraction technology. The company has a Queen’s Award for Innovation and invests heavily in the development of local exhaust ventilation systems to help customers enhance productivity while maintaining workplace environments that are healthy and compliant.

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