BOFA Sparks Interest in High Temperature Laser Fume Extraction

Leading fume and dust extraction company, BOFA International, has unveiled a spark arrestor unit designed to mitigate the risk of fire in high temperature fibre laser systems.

BOFA’s new Spark Arrestor 2 prevents potentially damaging, incandescent particulate created during fibre laser processes from entering the fume extraction unit by transporting hot particles through specially designed impingement plates before depositing them in a removable drop-out chamber.

Fibre lasers are gaining in popularity, notably in FMCG markets, because of the productivity benefits associated with their faster coding onto metals. However, because they work at higher temperatures than other technologies, there is a greater risk of fire unless an effective extraction system is in place.

As a result, BOFA has designed a spark arrestor to capture any burning particulate before it can enter the fume extraction unit, helping to safeguard the work environment and the productivity benefits of fibre lasers.

The Spark Arrestor 2 can also be combined with BOFA’s FireBOX technology, a self-extinguishing inline pre-filtration system. This technology incorporates a temperature controller, which automatically switches off extraction system power and closes electronic valves should the pre-set ambient temperature be exceeded by 10°C. If the temperature rises another 10°C in the FireBOX, then an integrated fire extinguisher will be activated.

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