BOFA products in action during COVID-19

All around the world, BOFA technology is helping key sectors maintain the supply of products critical to the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.


Without effective extraction technology, production lines risk becoming contaminated with dust and particulate, potentially leading to unplanned downtime just at the time when demand on key industries has never been greater.

For example, we know that ventilator panels and cases are being laser-cut from steel sheet, with extraction provided by systems such as BOFA’s AD Oracle iQ. At the same time, 3D printing is enabling rapid-prototyping of new medical equipment and the production of parts for ventilators and oxygen delivery systems, with scalable extraction solutions delivered through BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO range.

In medical research, scientific laboratories are using BOFA FumeCABs to safeguard technicians as they work on therapies and potential vaccines to counteract COVID-19.

Here are just a few examples of BOFA customer innovation:

  • In the UK and Ireland, our customers are adapting laser cutting, marking and engraving to make personal protective equipment, including face masks and hands-free door openers.
  • In Cambridge (UK), laser coding and marking systems are being used to meet demand for food and beverage and pharmaceutical products.
  • In the USA, one 3D printing company using BOFA extraction is helping protect front line health workers, by producing around 330,000 face shields per month – and this number is rising.
  • In China, a hospital is using 3D printing to create models to better understand how COVID-19 is affecting patients’ lungs.
  • In countries around the world, 3D printers with BOFA systems are producing safety goggles, nasal swabs, connector valves for ventilators, components for COVID-19 testing kits, custom medical components and wrist-clasps for hands-free sanitisers.



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