BOFA’s Investment in Compliance Reaches Around the World

BOFA’s global market leadership in fume and dust extraction technology is benefiting many thousands of organisations and their people around the world.

The worldwide success of the business is founded on safety, quality and customer service – and the ability to ensure compliance with rigorous regulations and standards wherever BOFA systems are in operation. Central to this customer commitment is safety, and recent additional investment in training, testing, and certification is underlining the company’s global credentials.

Jake Goggin has joined the R&D team as Electrical Safety Compliance Officer – an appointment that not only provides an additional knowledge base in the business, but also strengthens the culture of safety. He possesses key expertise – and procedural experience – in ensuring that BOFA technology meets or exceeds all relevant standards in existing and emerging international markets.

His role is to continuously monitor BOFA product development to ensure that safety is always the prime consideration – and to spread the value of his expertise to team members through training sessions that underpin the inextricable link between quality and safety.

Most recently, he led the R&D team through advanced CE training sessions covering legislation, CE marking essentials, and the health and safety implications of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) for machinery and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.

For each territory around the world, his work involves liaising with design engineers to risk assess the application of any new product, to ensure that relevant compliance and safety standards are embedded in the design process and any resultant prototype. Jake then performs rigorous testing on the prototype to ensure it conforms to legislative requirements. Very often, BOFA technology will surpass the standards specified locally.

These learnings are then shared across the R&D team and become part of the continuous improvement process, strengthening the already robust procedures that underpin design, manufacturing and performance.

This investment is testament to BOFA’s determination to be world leaders not just in fume and dust extraction innovation, but to set the bar as high as possible for system safety.

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