Brexit update from BOFA: help us to help you

December 31st 2020 signals the point when the UK completes its exit from the European Union (EU). The information below is relevant to BOFA International customers. Please take a moment to read it and contact us if you have any queries. Please also share with anyone in your organisation who needs to know this information.


Does BOFA have an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number?


An EORI number is stored both nationally and on a central EU database. It is used by customs authorities to exchange information with government departments and agencies. It is also used for statistical and security purposes.

You require an EORI number to export or import goods from or to countries outside the EU.


 Please tell us your EORI number and we will keep a record of it for future use.

If you have more than one EORI number, please notify us of all numbers and associated countries.


BOFA already has a UK EORI number, enabling us to export goods from the UK to any current EU member state.

Our EORI number is GB218871094000

Helpful information

  • To import goods from the UK, you MUST have the equivalent EORI number for your own country of import. Please tell us your EORI number. If you have more than one EORI number, please notify us of all numbers and associated countries.
  • Please state this on all current purchase orders with immediate effect.
  • Failure to do so may result in a delay in processing your order.
  • Without this EORI number you will not be able to import the goods.


Have we classified our goods?


BOFA has reviewed all current HS tariff codes and these will now appear as required on the shipping invoice.

Helpful information

  •  It is the importer’s responsibility to understand and declare the correct HS codes on their declarations.
  • If you are unclear which tariff code to use, please contact us for confirmation.


Does BOFA have a customs broker?


BOFA currently has two preferred freight suppliers: DSV and DHL. Both can carry out import and export declarations on our behalf.

Helpful information

  • You must understand the import requirements from the UK into the EU following Brexit.
  • Please liaise with your freight forwarder to ensure they are prepared for 1st January 2021.
  • If you do not have a customs broker and you need support, please contact us.


Does BOFA’s commercial invoice contain all required information?


Yes, all required information will appear on BOFA’s commercial invoices. This includes HS codes, EORI number and net weight. We will supply the new invoice format from 1st December 2020 with our freight suppliers.


Please ensure you notify us of your EORI number.

If you have more than one EORI number, please notify us of all numbers and associated countries.


Helpful information

  •  In most situations we expect to pass the goods on to our customers when they reach the import process.
  • Our Incoterms for Europe will remain as CPT and, unless otherwise agreed, BOFA will take responsibility for arranging your freight and charging this back to you on the final commercial invoice.
  • Through our freight suppliers, we can offer an import clearance service to you. However, this is wholly reliant on you having the associated EORI number for the country that we are delivering in to.
  • There will be an additional administration charge for this which will be declared on your sales order acknowledgement.


What happens when the UK leaves the EU on December 31st 2020?


Although it is impossible to fully understand the impact of Brexit on the border from January 1st 2021, working closely with our experienced freight services, we will ensure that we have supplied all the correct documentation in advance and be as prepared as we possibly can be to ensure that your freight has every chance of moving once it reaches customs clearance.

We have worked tirelessly to minimise the impact of Brexit.

We appreciate that for some customers the import process might be quite new and/or challenging. If you need any advice or further information,  please contact our highly experienced Logistics Manager, who is happy to help.

 End of year shipping dates


With the festive season approaching, please refer to our last shipping dates for 2020 and first collection times in 2021.

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