BOFA Expertise Optimizes Byrnes Dental investment in 3D printing

Oxford-based Byrnes Dental Laboratory has invested in the latest fume and dust extraction technology to support its 3D printing capability.


Dental laboratories face particular workplace safety challenges because technicians are subject to known occupational hazards from fume and dust generated through the milling, repairing and hand finishing of products. Working with materials such as zirconia, cobalt, nickel, beryllium, gold and plastic produces potentially hazardous airborne contaminants that can lodge in technicians’ lungs and cause respiratory diseases such as asthma.

The emergence of 3D printing in the dental sector opens up new opportunities for creating implants but can also expose workers to hazardous dust if not captured correctly.

So Byrnes Dental turned to Dorset-based BOFA International for assistance to ensure they have the correct extraction technology in place for its two 3D printers.

The company recommended its 3D PrintPRO 2 units, complementing the BOFA DentalPRO Universal standalone systems used to remove zirconia dust particles generated during the CAD/CAM milling of dental implants.

Alongside BOFA’s bench top FumeCAB 1000iQ integrated filtration system, this helps Byrnes control airborne risks and prevent the build-up of dust on valuable production equipment.

“We chose BOFA as we found their knowledge to be the best of any company we spoke to on the subject of fume and dust extraction,” said Managing Director, Ashley Byrne. “Their advice has really helped us ensure we are using the most suitable systems, both practically as well as legally.”

BOFA has recently extended its technology range serving the dental sector with the launch of the DentalPRO 150, a reduced footprint, high vacuum dust extraction unit designed to remove particulates generated during hand finishing of dental implants.

The system can be positioned under or on the side of a work bench, enabling technicians to work safely and without restriction.

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