BOFA technology helps optimise value of eco-inks in printing

There’s a lot of interest in sustainability in the printing industry. Historically, the solvents, inks and substrates used in print processes have created challenges for equipment manufacturers in contributing to greener ways of working.

Now, though, there are signs that innovation is delivering positive change. A number of leading OEMs have developed new generation eco-inks that mark a significant step forward in the sustainability agenda. Some have achieved the GREENGUARD Gold standard, reflecting their lower total volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission levels.

This is the result of colours in eco-inks being suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent. OEMs have succeeded in enabling this technology while maintaining the performance required by print shops – notably high-quality output and accelerated drying times.

For operatives, the result is a reduction in the ‘smell’ that accompanies conventional solvent-based inks, making for a more comfortable working environment.

That said, it still remains important to make reference to Safety Data Sheets linked to inks – and any materials that form part of the printing process – so that appropriate extraction measures are in place to maintain a clean air operating environment.

To support effective workplace atmosphere management for the entire print process, BOFA has developed portable extraction and filtration systems for dust and fumes that can also contribute to print quality and reduce the risk of downtime caused by contamination of equipment by airborne particulate or vapours.

For example, beyond any ink-related emissions, BOFA technology helps with the extraction of the solid particles (including nanoparticles), pigments, vapours and gases generated through print processes. The system is also effective in helping to manage printing with UV ink, which can give off Ozone, an unstable colourless gas with oxidizing properties. Ink misting can also negatively impact on print quality if not adequately extracted at source.

That’s why portable extraction and filtration remains a core function in contributing to high quality print output and maintaining appropriate environmental health strategies, even as we enter the new era of eco-inks.

Central to this industry support is BOFA’s PrintPRO technology, which contains specially treated activated carbon, and a high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filter, and remains a key contributor to print shop quality, reliability and productivity.

It’s a system proven to help filter ozone as well as ketones and solvents like MEK resulting from printing applications and is purpose-designed for wide format printing, inkjet coding printers (CIJ) (both solvent and UV), dye sublimation and mailroom applications such as UV coating. As such it remains a core contributor to printing performance.

To find out more, explore the PrintPRO range.

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