Self-extinguishing inline pre-filter

In the event that a burning ember is drawn into the fume extraction unit, there is the possibility that hot debris in the filters could ignite. Although any resultant fire would typically be retained within the fume extraction unit, this would cause significant damage and in extreme circumstances, the risk may extend beyond the extraction unit. For processes where such risks have been identified, extra protection in the form of an inline FireBOX is an additional precaution.


The built in temperature controller can be set so when a 10°C (18°F) temperature rise over the pre-set ambient temperature is detected, the FireBOX GA will activate the isolating valves and switch off the power to the extraction unit, suppressing the airflow to the FireBOX and reducing the fire. If the temperature rises another 10°C (18°F) then the fire extinguisher will be activated.

How the fire extinguisher works

Independent tests by Ordnance Testing Solutions Ltd found the FireBOX GA contains and suppresses fires consisting of burning polymer particulate. The FireBOX GA is designed for general applications and is not for use on metal-based applications. Please refer to the FireBOX MA or contact us to ensure you chose the right system.

FireBOX DeepPleat DUO filter and extinguisher

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