We offer a range of foundation and advanced training modules.

We’ve designed our modules so they can be delivered in a way convenient to you – either online or face to face – in a simple and effective format to ensure you get the most out of the time you invest in training.

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Advanced modules

In addition to our foundation modules, we have a schedule of advanced modules running throughout the year. For details of when each module is running and to book, you need to sign up to our portal – there’s no cost and you’ll have access within one working day.

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Commercial modules

The BOFA range by industry

What's covered:
• Existing products
• Key features
• Sales tactics
• BOFA v competitors


What's covered:
• How iQ can improve your process
• iQ features



Technical modules

Laser fume – health, safety and compliance

What's covered:
• How is laser fume generated?
• What does laser fume consist of?
• Why is fume harmful?
• What are the legal requirements for LEV?

Fume – health, safety and compliance

What's covered:
• How is fume generated?
• What does fume consist of?
• Why is fume harmful?

Capturing fume

What's covered:
• Best capture methods
• Optimising your installation

Filtering fume

What's covered:
• How to filter fume
• Filter disposal

Application review

If you have a specific application that you would like us to cover then let us know and we’ll put together a module on what the likely hazards are and the best extraction solutions for this application. Contact us online.



Installation and service modules

Filter change

What's covered:
• When to change filters
• How to change filters

Blower replacement

What's covered:
• When to change a blower
• How to change a blower

PCB replacement

What's covered:
• When to change a PCB
• How to change a PCB

Fault diagnostic (iQ)

What's covered:
• iQ download
• iQ log features
• iQ log diagnostics

Optimising installations

What's covered:
• How to optimise your installation
• Interfacing options

Sensor change (VOC; HCI; NoX)

What's covered:
• When you change a sensor
• How to change a sensor


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