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‘We don’t need fume extraction’


Before you disregard the need for laser fume extraction, let us guide you through some questions to ask yourself.

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When did you last get your requirements scoped?

Have your process changed at all since your requirements were last scoped?

Have you got a new laser? Are you processing new materials?

types of laser fumes

Whether lasers are running in a school or a large-scale factory, all airborne substances must be considered as potentially harmful:

Cutting, coding and marking, engraving, welding…whatever the laser process, some form of contaminant is generated which can become airborne. They may be solid particles, gas or vapour. Most are invisible to the naked eye. All must be treated as hazardous.

How can fume extraction benefit you?

Protect your equipment

Specialist fume extraction can help improve productivity and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Uncontrolled fumes can negatively impact laser efficiency and increase the risk of product contamination. Particles and droplets can enter equipment through process or during mechanical intervention. The optical system of the laser is susceptible to damage from particulate getting burnt on or building up on the lens, compromising the efficiency of the laser and the quality of the output. With no extraction in place, there’s no control over which direction those contaminants travel, and the machine’s performance and reliability can very quickly become compromised. If left, over time, some contaminants can cause irreversible and very costly damage.

Protect your staff

The right fume extraction can help reduce absenteeism and longer-term health risks.

All businesses – large or small - have an obligation to ensure a safe working environment for their people. This means maintaining a dust and fume-free workplace through the removal of solid particles (particulates), liquid droplets (usually aerosols or mists) and vapours or gases (fume). This is critical, because the health consequences for employees working in a hazardous environment can be significant and permanent.

The effects caused by inhalation or reaction to the particulate material can be long-lasting and even life-threatening.

Protect the environment

The correct fume extraction can capture damaging particles, removing them from the environment.

Responsible manufacturing needs responsible practices. We all need to look after the world we live in. The quality of our environment has a direct impact on our well-being. Capturing fumes and particulates and keeping them as contained is the only way to ensure the environment is protected.


Examples of processes that require fume extraction:

Laser coding and marking

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser welding


Precious metals

Ride on extractors

Cooling units

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