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Let us guide you through some questions to ask yourself.

When did you last get your requirements scoped?

Have you got the ratio of lasers to fume extraction correct?

Are you connecting an old extractor to a new laser?


Processes and materials are evolving all the time.

Often, focus is put on buying the best laser, but additional, vital equipment, might be overlooked. We know from talking to customers every day that new materials are being introduced so it is dangerous to assume that what worked for one substance, will be fine for another. Do you know what chemical reactions could be taking place? Does your new material or faster process present a risk of fire? How confident are you that every particle is being removed?

It is important that as your workplace evolves, so does all your equipment. Our fume extraction experts are out on the road all the time, servicing our own equipment…and our competitors’. They have reported cases of workplaces that have spent vast amounts of money on the latest lasers but have tried to make do with old fume extraction systems. Or, they have tried to connect too many lasers to a single fume extraction system, making it inefficient and potentially dangerous.

A small investment in the right fume extraction solution can help you reap huge rewards for years to come.

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Examples of processes that require fume extraction:

Laser coding and marking

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser welding


Precious metals

Ride on extractors

Cooling units

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