BOFA extends 3D print atmosphere management and filtration technology performance

BOFA International has recently enhanced value for the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector by redesigning and improving its 3D PrintPRO 4 technology, offering wider filtration airflow ranges and expanded filtration capacity.

The company will be showcasing the new technology at the RAPID + TCT 2022 event taking place in Detroit between 17th & 19th May, where representatives from BOFA will be available at Booth #4022.

The enhanced 3D PrintPRO 4 is an industrial machine that is suitable for larger additive manufacturing processes including fused filament fabrication, stereolithography, digital light processing and material jetting.

The upgraded unit has advanced multi-stage gas filtration, with a deeper carbon bed to filter a greater volume of fume, thereby extending filter life and facilitating safer, odorless printing for longer. This is complemented by a larger HEPA filter, enabling multiple 3D printers to be hooked up to a single BOFA unit, optimizing investment in filtration technology to support atmosphere management and help prevent the build-up of particulate residue.

Airflow rates of 175 cu ft/min in the upgraded technology are double that of the original 3D PrintPRO 4, enabling the unit to cater for a greater range of industrial 3D printers, including large format printers.

Operating pressures in BOFA’s new 3D PrintPRO 4 atmosphere management and filtration system have been tripled to 96mBar, allowing the unit to overcome greater system resistance, ensuring effective performance in complex installations and multiple printer architectures. The redesigned 3D technology has been tested to UKCA and CE as well as UL and cUL standards.

Katrina Clemens, General Manager, BOFA Americas, Inc said: “The 3D printing market is evolving at a rapid pace and the enhancements to our 3D PrintPRO range match the industry trend towards faster printing capability and larger build chambers.

“Our filtration system options for this market are improving all the time, underlining our leading position in meeting the needs of companies investing in the benefits of industrial additive manufacturing processes.”