Everyone breathes easy with our service expertise

Every day, up and down the UK, BOFA engineers are helping organisations to maintain their local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems in tip-top condition…enabling employers to optimise productivity and safeguard the health of their people.

Our field engineers are all qualified to British Occupational Hygiene Society P601 standards (meeting the ‘Competent Person’ definition), meaning they are approved to undertake the mandatory 14-month performance test of fume and dust extraction technology – and to certify the equipment as fit for purpose.

This expertise doesn’t just apply to BOFA units. Our specialists can test equipment from all system manufacturers and will often share the benefits of their experience to help optimise the value of investment in extraction technology.

Site managers and operatives are encouraged to tap into this knowledge during inspection and test visits, because our engineers understand that while an LEV system must satisfy mandated exposure limits, the aim is always to reduce airborne emissions to zero or as low as is practically possible.  Consequently, they will always offer advice or recommend system adaptations and best capture practices to ensure the most effective protection for staff.

What’s involved in a BOFA test visit?

  • Following completion of a site induction programme, our engineer will walk the production floor with the customer, making a note of all safety exits and welfare facilities
  • The LEV systems to be tested will be identified and the BOFA engineer will make a note of each department and machine, taking account of any comments from operatives, particularly if there has been a recent issue
  • Each LEV system is then tested. This involves:
  • Visual appraisal (Qualitative Assessments), including condition and function of machine, ductwork, filters, air mover and monitoring instruments fitted etc.
  • Airflow and capture assessments (Quantitative Assessments), including capture velocity tests, face velocity tests, ducting pressure and flow tests, visual capture tests (smoke) and filter saturation tests (VOC meter). BOFA engineers will look for even the smallest evidence of system leakage in keeping with the company’s commitment to deliver the best possible extraction performance for every industry sector.

Assuming the LEV test results are within the regulated standards set by the Health & Safety Executive, the engineer will certify the system for the next 14 months and a relevant pass label will be applied to the machine. Should the test result in a failure, the engineer will remedy the underlying cause and, if possible, retest and certify, or arrange for a repair to be undertaken by BOFA to minimise any disruption to production.

At the end of each test, BOFA engineers will go through the results and offer practical guidance on how performance might be improved, including making suggestions for routine checks, even though training is clearly the responsibility of the employer.

The aim of this expert support from BOFA is to help both employers and employees breathe easy when it comes to productivity and workplace safety.

Is your fume extraction due for a service? Book your LEV test today and we’ll work with you to find a day and time to suit you. Not using BOFA fume extraction? Our engineers can test any make of equipment. Contact us for a quote.