FumeCAB 250/600: Versatile fume cabinets which can be used for an array of applications

Product focus: FumeCAB 250 / 600



Partial enclosures are steadily becoming the preferred option for operator protection from fumes generated from processes that produce harmful fumes.

Electronics applications create fumes which are released into the atmosphere. They may be solid particles, gas or vapor (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) and most can’t be seen. Not controlling these fumes can have serious consequences. Whether you’re running machinery in a school or a large-scale factory, all airborne substances should be considered as potentially harmful to the operator, your equipment and the environment and controlled with the correct fume extraction solution. Read more about the need for fume extraction.

The FumeCAB 250 cabinet is a small fume cabinet and has been designed to work alongside the V 250 extraction system.

The FumeCAB 600 cabinet provides a larger working area with higher airflow and has been designed to work alongside the V 600 extraction system.

Benefits of these two fume cabinets:

  • Strong, rigid construction
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Hose kit included
  • LED lighting
  • SureCHECK quality standard
  • CE approved

Applications that our fume cabinets can be used with:

  • Hand soldering
  • Coating
  • Gluing
  • Potting
  • Hand working processes
  • Various solvent applications

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For further information and advice on which extraction solutions are right for you, speak to our electronics fume experts. He will work with you and our applications specialists to understand your specific process and help you determine what measures you should consider for safe operation.