BOFA launches new powerful DentalPRO 150 Extraction unit

BOFA International, global leaders in portable fume and dust extraction, has launched its most powerful unit yet for the dental industry - the DentalPRO 150 unit.

Dental technicians face specific workplace safety challenges linked to dust generated through the milling, repairing and hand finishing of products. Materials such as zirconia, cobalt, nickel, beryllium, gold and plastic, are known to produce potentially hazardous airborne contaminants that can lodge in technicians’ lungs and lead to occupational respiratory diseases such as asthma.

BOFA’s new DentalPRO 150 has a maximum airflow of 150 cubic metres per hour operating at a maximum pressure of 180 millibars and, as a result, provides an effective solution to remove particulates generated during hand finishing of dental implants. The unit also has a reduced footprint, being oblong in shape, and will sit easily under a desk or can be hung on the side of a work bench, enabling technicians to work safely and without restriction.

David Case, Commercial Product Manager at BOFA, commented: “The new DentalPRO 150 is a high vacuum machine that helps ensure dental laboratories meet their health and safety obligations to technicians, while supporting productivity goals. It is the result of our commitment to continuous innovation in the dental sector.”

The new unit is available worldwide and combines powerful performance with ease of use. It includes a filter status indicator for timely changeover.

DentalPRO 150