Spark Arrestor 2: Technical advantages

A well designed and installed fume and particulate extraction system which follows best practice recommendations will ensure that laser ablation, marking and coding operations are reliable, efficient and safe.

While laser marking processes are generally safe and the risk of thermal incident is low, it is important that end users assess and understand the unforeseen events which may result in a thermal hazard.


BOFA has the answer…

For complex laser applications where potential hazards cannot be completely removed by other means, we have developed the Spark Arrestor 2 inline filter as an optional addition for higher-risk substrates and higher-risk processes, against the rare but possible event that fire could occur. It can be fitted retrospectively on existing BOFA extractor installations and provides a mechanism to reduce the chance of burning particles from reaching the extraction system or potentially creating a thermal incident.

While any spark arrestor will collect laser fume particulates, these are flammable and if allowed to build, they pose a fire risk.

BOFA’s Spark Arrestor 2 has many technical advantages over other models in the market, including:

  • Continuous temperature monitoring of the airflow to detect any thermal events
  • Inbuilt RCD protected power outlet for extractor connection, will safely shut down the system in the event of a fire
  • Very low pressure drop through the system, even at high airflows
  • Can be dismantled and cleaned
  • Acts as a pre-separator for particulate with the ability to extend pre-filter life.

The Spark Arrestor 2 is designed so that it can be also used in line with the BOFA FireBOX GA and FireBOX MA units, which provide additional protection if required for high-temperature fibre laser systems, or installations where the process/materials may be more vulnerable to thermal events.

Here to help you…

For comprehensive advice on what extraction equipment to use in order to detect, prevent and control any potential fire-related issues, contact our laser fume extraction expert, Geoff Sagar. He will work with you and our applications specialists to understand your specific process and help you determine what measures you should consider for safe operation.