The importance of using genuine filters

Product focus - The importance of genuine filters



BOFA filters have been specifically designed to work with the extractor they reside in. Many factors including face velocity, pressure drop, residency time, and structural integrity are incorporated into the design of our filters. Imitation filters are unlikely to have gone through this same rigorous design process, which can lead to reduced filter efficiency or even filter rupture.

Using genuine filters in your fume extraction system is essential:

  • to avoid unnecessary expense that may be incurred through purchasing inferior imitations
  • to help ensure optimal effective filtration
  • to help protect your staff
  • to help protect your extraction system and other filters
  • for hassle-free extraction
  • to minimize system downtime

BOFA’s patented filter technology and in-depth understanding of industrial processes and applications is reflected in the design and manufacturing procedures applied to our entire range of filters. Our unique filtration systems are designed to meet or exceed airborne emissions standards and help optimize productivity while lowering the overall cost of ownership.

More than 30 years of designing and manufacturing portable fume extraction and filtration systems for a variety of industries has given BOFA the experience and expertize to ensure that our product solutions are the best available on the market.

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