We continually invest in our technology, ensuring you benefit from best in class products.

We are recognized as the market leaders in fume and dust extraction technology, delivering great value, high quality products with performance that meets or exceeds worldwide workplace airborne emissions standards.

Our systems ensure hazardous particles and fume are captured and filtered out before the cleaned air is recirculated back into the production environment.


Reverse flow air technology

The reverse flow air technology feature causes a fall in velocity and air direction change. Larger particulate falls out of the air stream into the filters drop out chamber. With less particulate entering the filter media the filter life is significantly increased. Contaminated air entering the drop out chamber is pulled vertically through the filters.


Patented technology

We invest in innovation and are proud of our product designs and technology. Our systems include many design features protected under patent copyright, design copyright, registered design and trademark laws.

We are rigorous in protecting our intellectual property and our integrity, so that you benefit from the peace of mind that comes from your investment in innovative and original technology from BOFA.

Our products are protected by the following patent numbers.

- Filter Assembly (DeepPleat DUO pre filter) GB2 499 495
- iQ Operating System GB2 499 812
- iQ2 Affinity Operating System - Patent Application No:1609111.8. Fieldbus Connectivity Intelligent Customer I/O Interface - Patent Application No:1609116.7.


Intelligent (iQ) Operating Sytem

Our patent-protected award winning Intelligent (iQ) Operating System performs at two distinct levels: operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real-time information; and the system provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes. Most importantly, it minimizes the potential for costly interruptions to production caused by unplanned filter changes.

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The future: iQ2

iQ2 is the world’s first fume and dust extraction operating system to incorporate Cloud-based performance monitoring. It addresses the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The platform offers three levels of system control and analytics – local USB diagnostics, reporting and fault correction; fieldbus connectivity for constant network monitoring and control; and secure Cloud connectivity for worldwide remote monitoring of multiple locations/units via a service App or web portal.

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Our extraction technologies meet or exceed the standards set by health and safety legislation around the world… search for the right one for your needs.

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