Forward thinking company, Alma Dental, express their delight with BOFA DentalPRO range.

Alma Studio of Dental Excellence is a dental laboratory that was opened in 2015 offering private prosthetic and crown and bridge services. They are an ambitious, forward thinking company, who are eager to bring the best, up to date practises to their laboratory.


The Challenge - Alma Studio of Dental Excellence

The Challenge

Alma Studio of Dental Excellence has grown their client base significantly meaning that they have expanded their facilities and employ more members of staff. Understanding that they have a legal and moral obligation to look after their employee's health, they knew they needed to invest in reliable and effective fume extraction units.

They have three work stations, working with porcelain, zirconium, acrylics and composite materials, all which generate hazardous dust and fumes during processing. They needed extraction systems that would efficiently remove these particles from the technician's breathing zone without imposing on their working area.

Originally using less efficient extraction and face masks, they realised this wasn't protecting them in the best way. They got in touch with dental laboratory equipment distributor Blueprint Dental, who were happy to recommend the best extraction units on the market.

DentalPRO 400 - Multi user dust extraction for hand finishing dental applications. The under bench dust extraction system effectively removes the smaller particulates generated during the hand finishing of dental implants.

The Solution

Our DentalPRO 400 is the ideal under bench dust extraction system for hand finishing dental applications, as it effectively removes smaller particulates generated during the hand finishing of dental implants.

Alma Studio of Dental Excellence ordered our popular LED stay-put arm, and plenum funnels, allowing them to position the extraction point as close to their working area as possible. As they undertake a lot of close, detailed work, this is the most effective particulate capture.

Our solution is also perfect for a small working area where noise levels are an important factor.

DentalPro 400 LED arm accessory - These arms can be mounted into BOFA’s unique flip top mount and can easily moved to the best angle for your application. With 8 LED lights at the end of the funnel lighting up your work piece, these arms allow for a clearer work space and a bright clean light work area.

The Result

Alma Studio of Dental Excellence purchased three convenient, low noise dust extraction units that fit neatly under their work benches. They are easy to control, protect workers from inhaling small particles of respirable dust and helps keep the laboratory tidy, preserving the quality of the work they are producing.

Alma Studio of Dental Excellence have been so pleased with the performance of our units that they are planning to buy another extraction system to accompany their new milling machine.

It's essential that every product we make is made with precision and is right first time. This care and attention is also extended to our working environment and the health of our employees. Looking after our staff is very important to us, so we wanted to make sure that we have the best extraction equipment available.

The DentalPRO 400 works really well with what we do here, and the stay-put arms are a great asset to our work. We are able to keep our products close to us so that we can give them the detail that they need, but also make sure that all of our technicians are protected.

Aldina Gomes, Owner/Director, Alma Studio of Dental Excellence

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