Your Questions Answered – Technical Support

This is the second blog in our series capturing some of the hot topics raised through our website LiveChat facility, covering frequently asked questions and the responses of the BOFA technical support team.

  • Where can I find product user manuals and datasheets?

BOFA product user manuals and technical datasheets are available to download 24/7 via our website.

You can also find more helpful information in our Training & Support section, with the opportunity to ask the expert if you need application, technical or support assistance for a product purchased from BOFA. However, if your system wasn’t purchased directly from BOFA, please contact the distributor or sales contact for assistance.

It’s also worth checking out the Frequently Asked Questions and videos hosted on the website – but if you still need assistance, please contact the Technical Support team at BOFA via LiveChat or by completing an online form.

Another really valuable resource is the BOFA Academy. This is an industry-first innovation enabling customers and non-customers alike to access modular multimedia information and expert support covering fume extraction, workplace health and safety, and BOFA technology. What’s more – it’s completely free to attend!


  • What’s the value of visual system monitoring and filter alarms?

With data increasingly the currency of performance, many BOFA systems now incorporate our Intelligent Operating System (iQ) which provides extended performance logs, intuitive functionality read-outs and filter status updates.

Real-time condition read-outs offer detail about how each part of the system is performing and users can quickly review real-time data covering key system performance, such as filter status. Monitoring these data can help users head off potential issues before they impact on production and can inform system configuration to maximise filter life.

Interrogating extended data logs is particularly valuable for high-volume manufacturing because they can provide the granular detail needed to establish optimal filter exchange patterns in step with maintenance routines to help avoid the risk of costly unplanned downtime.

This combination of downloadable data and visual read-outs makes diagnostics smarter and quicker and no longer relies on operator interpretation. The visualisation of system performance helps customers monitor the condition of each element of the extraction technology.

If you have a product with an onboard iQ operating system, such as the AD 1000 iQ or AD Oracle iQ, we recommend referring to the manual where details and images relating to the alarms are provided.

BOFA products that don’t have iQ, such as our AD 250 and AD 350, have LEDs that signal the status of the filters. There are three LEDs in total:

1)         Green (check mark) = Clear run

2)         Amber (exclamation mark) = filter is at 75% full

3)         Red (X mark) = the filters are fully blocked

If all three LEDs are flashing, there may be a fault, so you will need to contact BOFA’s technical team for assistance.


  • How can I find my nearest distributor?

You can find all of our global distribution partners outside of North and South America and Canada here.

If you are based in North or South America or Canada, simply submit your details here and we’ll help you find the right distributor for you!

For further information, please go to the FAQs section on our website:


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