Students, educators, and staff expect to be protected from fume and dust, so it is important for education providers to conduct a thorough risk assessment and to manage any exposure to pollutants generated within their facilities.

In addition to addressing any potential safety concerns and/or hazards, appropriate filtration demonstrates operational best practice to the students, helps to improve air quality in potentially confined environments, and promotes responsible environmental sustainability where potentially harmful contaminants are filtered before being released back into the atmosphere.



We're proud to be a market leader in fume and dust extraction and here are a few reasons why.

Flexibility and portability

Demand and needs change, but your BOFA system does not have
to. Our systems can attach to multiple units for effective filtration. When not in use or required elsewhere, they can be easily transported and stored to fit the evolving needs of the learning environment.

Intelligent Operating System (iQ)

Our award-winning Intelligent Operating System (iQ) monitors real-time fume extraction usage to help increase efficiencies and deliver a lower cost of ownership. It has been designed to provide users with higher efficiency of extraction and individual filter status monitoring, amongst other intuitive design features.

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Patented Technology

Patented filter technology

Our understanding of processes and applications is reflected in the design of our standard, inline and patented filters. Our unique filtration systems are designed to meet or exceed airborne emissions standards.

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SureCHECK quality standard

All BOFA units are independently tested and verified by our technicians before leaving our factory. Each unit is individually labelled and signed for by the technician who tested your unit, allowing educators to focus on educating.

Localized sales and technical support

Part of The Donaldson Company, we have a vast and extensive network across the United States ready to serve you. From technical guidance on helping you to identify the most appropriate solution for your requirements to enhanced after sales support, our team are ready to support you.


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