AD 2000 iQ: High-end fume extraction system



The AD 2000 iQ packs a heavyweight punch with unsurpassed filter capacity and high performance.

Cutting and engraving, coding and marking, welding…whatever laser process you are following, some form of contaminant is generated which can become airborne and released into the atmosphere. That may be solid particles, gas or vapor and most can’t be seen. Not controlling these fumes can have serious consequences. Whether you’re running machinery in an educational establishment or a large-scale factory, all airborne substances should be considered as potentially harmful to the operator, your equipment and the environment and controlled with the correct fume extraction solution. Read more about the need for fume extraction.

Benefits of the AD 2000 iQ include:

  • Three-stage filtration for peak performance:
    o Double DeepPleat DUO pre-filters
    o Double combined (HEPA/gas) filters
  • iQ Operating System for clear and simple real-time features ensure clarity and ease of use
  • Reverse flow air technology for extended filter life
  • Independent filter monitoring
  • Blowers with high-airflow and vacuum levels
  • Optional onboard compressor
  • Optional VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Optional exhaust configurations

Applications that our AD 2000 iQ can be used with:

  • Laser drilling, cutting and engraving
  • Deep laser engraving
  • Large flatbed laser applications
  • Fibre lasing

Similar systems:

Speak to one of our experts

For further information and advice on which extraction solutions are right for you, speak to our laser fume experts. They will work with you and our applications specialists to understand your specific process and help you determine what measures you should consider for safe operation.

Key features of the AD 2000 iQ

Double filter set-up
The double filter set-up in this unit gives the maximum amount of filtration for the most demanding of applications, with the patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filters and BOFA’s large combined filters as standard.

Award-winning Intelligent (iQ) Operating System
The iQ Operating System is a truly global product. One system caters the world over; clear and simple real-time features ensure clarity and ease of use.