BOFA To Showcase Additive Manufacturing Filtration and Atmosphere Management Technology at Formnext 2021

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BOFA International will be showcasing its latest range of additive manufacturing filtration and atmosphere management systems at Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt (November 16-19).

The company’s technology line-up will include its established 3D PrintPRO range, as well as its recently enhanced capacity 3D PrintPRO 4, and brand new 3D PrintPRO HT (for higher temperature additive manufacturing processes) and AM 400, which features BOFA’s revolutionary Intelligent Operating System.

BOFA’s range of products have all been designed to meet the needs of many different additive manufacturing processes:

  • The 3D PrintPRO 2 filters emissions generated by small format open framed 3D printers
  • The 3D PrintPRO 3 is suited to enclosed or partially enclosed 3D printers
  • The 3D PrintPRO 4 has been enhanced to support fused filament fabrication, stereolithography, digital light processing, and material jetting. It has capacity to manage multi-unit operations through its advanced, high capacity filtration system, delivering optimal temperature control, airflow management and an odorless workplace environment.
  • The new 3D PrintPRO HT marks a true innovation in 3D print filtration and atmosphere management, capturing high temperature particulate and gases emitted by advanced additive manufacturing processes up to 500o

BOFA also recently launched its new stand-alone AM 400 system, which uses patented technology enabling the filters that remove potentially harmful gases and particulate from metal additive manufacturing to be exchanged on site without risking a thermal event.

Haydn Knight, Sales and Marketing Director at BOFA, said: “The developments and enhancements we have made to our range of additive manufacturing filtration technology positions BOFA at the forefront of the industry.

“Our innovations in the capture of emissions, in temperature control and airflow create the conditions for optimizing product quality and delivering productivity gains for manufacturers.”

The Formnext 2021 event will take place between 16th and 19th November and representatives from BOFA will be available on stand 12.0-E22.

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