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Around the world, around the clock, BOFA’s portable fume and dust extraction systems are helping manufacturers to deliver new benchmarks in output and productivity.

In the FMCG market, for example, innovations in laser technology have transformed the speed of marking and coding processes, enabling some production lines to run at up to 125,000 drinks cans per hour, 24/7.

The cost of unscheduled downtime for these businesses is huge, which is why BOFA design engineers not only apply rigorous quality and reliability thresholds to hardware but also to the innovative intelligent operating systems that monitor performance and provide data to support timely and effective maintenance planning.

BOFA technology is designed to be ‘plug and play’, which offers significant customer advantages in terms of flexibility and ease of use, but even so each new system undergoes a comprehensive commissioning process. Regular inspection and maintenance are also encouraged (and in many countries is legally required) to ensure optimal extraction performance.

Each system configuration, from airflow rates to filter technology, is perfectly matched to the requirements of customers and the process involved to ensure the effective removal of harmful airborne contaminants.

Says Tom Bullock from BOFA International’s sales team: “All processes are individually assessed at the design stage, but there are some that require particular attention – for example lasering PVC will give off hydrochloric acid and toxic fumes, which presents significant health risks to operatives.  BOFA has developed fume extraction technology – the AD PVC iQ – to extract this dangerous substance and capture it using a special corrosion-resistant internal filter compartment to safely capture the contaminant, all while protecting the integrity of the internal components of the machine.

“Likewise, extraction systems designed for certain printing processes need to take account of chemical reactions, for example for those that involve the use of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK). We also constantly innovate in anticipation of market trends, and our high grade HEPA filters meet the needs of the rapidly expanding 3D printing market, capturing fine particles created during the FDM processes.

It’s not just the composition of emissions that needs to be taken into account, it’s also variables such capture velocities, which can be critical in ensuring the safety of operatives working on fast moving production lines. This can require complex design calculations to ensure the optimal capture of particulate and fume.

Maintaining optimal performance is key to productivity, which is where BOFA’s revolutionary Intelligent (iQ) Operating System comes in. The iQ platform is an industry first offering independent filter status monitoring and remote diagnostics to lower the overall cost of ownership. The system provides intuitive visual management, quickly alerting users to filter condition and any performance exceptions out of scope, thereby ensuring timely maintenance scheduling and optimal productivity.

Once BOFA extraction technology is installed and configured, BOFA engineers offer operators training on maintenance and operation to achieve optimal performance. As part of this commitment to continuous support, the company has also developed the BOFA Academy – another industry first – which enables both customers and non-customers to access modular-based multimedia information, along with expert support, to increase their knowledge about fume extraction, workplace health and safety, and BOFA technology.

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